“Lead Advantage took the time to understand our specific needs from the very beginning and was able to quickly recommend several go-to-market strategies for our traditional media campaigns. Investing that level of attention and detail was important and demonstrated to us the level of service and collaboration we expect as a growing company.

Supplementing the production turnaround that quickly allow us to get improved television commercials on air, Lead Advantage also provided us with varied options for longer-term campaign approaches and brought quality on-air talent for us to consider as individual brand spokespersons.

Lead Advantage designed and implemented actionable marketing plans, ensuring our television campaigns would provide identifiable organic lift to our digital campaigns that firmly connected our traditional marketing spend to a discernable return on our investment.

It has been a pleasure working with the entire Lead Advantage team. We count them as a trusted vendor, wise counsel and good friends who have our interests at the forefront of our great working relationship.” 

Michael J. Zawisky

Chief Executive Officer, Ancora Education

“I rarely recommend specific vendor/partners. In fact, I can count the times on one hand.  Lead Advantage asked me if I would provide a personal and business recommendation on their company.

I have worked with Lead Advantage (LA) since the 1990s and they will get you TV leads. At Anthem Education, we worked with them as April this year, when I retired as CEO. They were the only solution that actually worked for us on TV. When I was CEO and COO at Virginia College, we worked with LA and received excellent cost per lead from TV. We worked with the entire team at LA and found them all very professional and willing to go the extra mile for a client. There reporting is noteworthy and valuable in monitoring performance after the phone rings.

If you want TV leads that are worth the CPL and produce a good CPS, I highly recommend Lead Advantage.”


Jim Hutton, Ph.D.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Lead Advantage team for several years, and in every interaction they are professional, kind, and dedicated to providing the best possible product to help represent our schools. They work as hard as we do to ensure successful completion of the projects they undertake, making valuable and helpful suggestions from their industry expertise along the way to improve the end result. Our students, graduates, and staff are always pleasantly surprised when working with them for filming at how easy they make the process and how great they look in the final product. They make it a pleasure to work with them and there simply isn’t a better group to get the job done on budget and on time…even in those ‘rush’ situations that we all know too well. I highly recommend them for your next project.”

Christine Palmer

Vice President of Marketing, American Institute

“I’ve been working with Lead Advantage for over 6 years.  I can say without hesitation that they are my favorite vendor. I’ve been impressed over the years with their level of consistency, professionalism and attention.  They treat me like I’m their best client, although I know they work with clients many times larger than us.  Eager to over deliver, passionate about what they do and able to work within tight deadlines when necessary, they’ve proven an asset to my organization time and time again. Everyone I’ve worked with on their team has always been professional and organized which is so important when we’re juggling lots of projects.  They are a great team and just really good people.  I strongly believe you can’t go wrong putting your trust in Lead Advantage.”

Erik Brodie

“Please allow this letter to serve as our whole-hearted recommendation of Lead Advantage. In our capacity as co-owners and directors of Wichita Technical Institute, we had the opportunity to become intimately acquainted with the firm, its employees and its services.

During our 8-year tenure, Lead Advantage placed media advertising for our schools and shot television commercials with “live look” pieces. Their media buying skills, flexibility and attention to details in account services are excellent while their creativity and quality of production are equally outstanding.

We could not be more satisfied with their loyalty and customer care. Lead Advantage is truly quality and professional organization. Any business would be well served to contact them ad take advantage of their expertise.

Should you wish to discuss Lead Advantage’s services in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact either of us at (316)943-2241″


Barry Mannion & Gary Hively

Co-Owners & Directors

“I would highly recommend working with Lead Advantage as your television production and placement agency. I have been working with Lead Advantage for ten years and their team is dedicated to real results. They are accountable, professional and fresh in concept and product.

I would be willing to discuss our experiences in detail as a reference for Lead Advantage.”



David Knobel